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Born and raised in Allentown, PA, Lindsay grew up enjoying everything from the water and outdoors, to sports fields, to the stage. Growing up, she would spend the weekends boating and learning to water ski on her favorite body of water, Blue Marsh Lake or camping in the sandy, evergreen forests of Cape Henlopen, DE. It was here amongst the water that she found her love of swimming and all things sports.

A week before her 8th birthday, her world as she knew it would change forever. On her way to a birthday party, Lindsay was struck and hit by an errant driver. She suffered a broken leg and severe head injury that would plague her life for the next few years. After numerous therapy sessions, full leg casts, and doctor visits, Lindsay overcame her injury and had a desire in her like never before. She wanted to become a world-class swimmer and ultimately, an actress.

With the accident behind her, Lindsay focused on her future and her new lease on life. Fueling her love of sports, her father enrolled her and her sister in a Police Athletic League where she became a champion bowler as well as sharp shooter. Throughout her school years, Lindsay had many more accomplishments as a goal keeper on the soccer field and a Junior Olympic Champion in one meter diving, all the while gaining ground as a notable sprint freestyler. Then in high school, Lindsay took a risk and auditioned for both her school’s competitive dance team and dance academy, a difficult feat to accomplish. Once again, with hard work and determination, Lindsay succeed and won a spot in both programs. As if playing sports and being in the dance academy was not enough, Lindsay began to dabble in her high school theater program as well.

Filled with a passion and drive, Lindsay enrolled in college as a member of the swim team while earning a degree in Communications and Broadcasting. Two years into her new collegiate life, Lindsay was reminiscing about her childhood days and the time she almost lost her life. Suddenly, she felt a strong urge to pack up her things and move out west to the “City of Angels” and become what she had always wanted, an actress. And that was it. Lindsay packed her bags, said goodbye to her family, and boarded a plane with a one-way ticket for LA, never looking back.


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